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Mojoba Prebiotic and Probiotic Activity

Mojoba Intelligent Nutrition
Dietary Fibres and Prebiotic activity
Mojoba Health Supplement supplies a quantity of soluble (22.54%) and insoluble (22.04%) fibres which can reach up to about 50g per 100 g of powder.

Dietary fibre has by now been established as an important component of our diet, as it can affect manifold aspects of the digestive physiology. Probiotic products are living microbial food supplements, which beneficially affect the host animal by selectively stimulating the growth and/or activity of beneficial micro flora improving its intestinal microbial balance.

Dietary fibres are important for:
Stabilizing blood glucose levels
Suppressing cholesterol synthesis by the liver
Stimulating production of T helper cells, antibodies, leukocytes, cytokines and lymph mechanisms
Increasing proliferation of colonic bacteria beneficial for intestinal health

Dietary Fibers & Probiotics
An important part in losing weight is to ensure that your digestive system is working to its best ability and probiotics for weight loss can help achieve that goal. A probiotic is an organism, which is also known as healthy' bacteria, probiotics helps to balance the intestinal tract. Taking a probiotic supplement for weight loss helps to maintain a healthy intestine which can also prevent illness and disease.

Probiotics for weight loss also helps the thyroid gland which in turn helps the digestive system. This gives people with thyroid problems a much needed helping hand in losing their excess weight. Dietary fiber makes people feel less hungry; because of its bulking properties, it reduces appetite which can result in weight loss. It also helps in controlling the body's blood sugar levels. 

Reducing glucose absorption in the gastrointestinal tract can be assisted by daily consumption of Mojoba health supplement which block sugar absorption. The goal with a supplement like Mojoba is to use a high dose of probiotics to prevent food from being digested by the body and turned into fat. Put differently, the food that would ordinarily be absorbed will be consumed by the probiotic.
There are 2 types of dietary fiber found in food:
Insoluble Fiber: Insoluble dietary fiber doesn't dissolve in water. This fiber increases the bulk of the food you eat, and helps decrease the transit time of waste materials through the colon. This helps avoid a build up of toxins and thereby diseases the likelihood colon cancer development.

Soluble Fiber: This type of dietary fiber forms a gel in the intestine and helps in reducing cholesterol. Your body needs a regular dosage of 30-40gms of fiber to keep in good health and lose those excess pounds.
Adequate levels of dietary fiber in the diet can help maintain a healthy digestive tract as well as lower blood cholesterol levels. Mojoba contains higher levels of dietary fibre than other fruits including apples, peaches, apricots and bananas. Pectin is one source of fiber in Mojoba and has been reported to have a role in reduction of total and LDL cholesterol. There has also been interest in the potential gut health benefits of pectin and it is said to enhance the prebiotic bacteria in the large intestine, Mojoba has a pectin content of about 56%.
Dietary fibers make Mojoba a very effective, ingredient as it can help regulate the functions of the colon and intestines. Essential amino acids present are a good source of natural energy. Naturally high in antioxidants Mojoba also contains vitamins (A, B Carotene B1, B2, B3, B6 and PP). Minerals included are (calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, sodium, zinc and magnesium).
Mojoba health supplement contains all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and dietary fibre to get rid of all the toxins in your body. Removal of these toxins, automatically ensures removal of excess fat from your body.

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