Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wild Harvest Baobab Fruit Pulp - Extract 1:1

Wild Harvest Baobab Fruit Pulp - Extract 1:1- Ultrasound Low Temperature

                     For Organic Cosmetics Nutricutical Formulations

The baobab fruit is classed as a functional food ("rich in specific nutrients and phyto-chemicals and are promoted as being able to improve health condition and/or disease prevention."). The baobab fruit has six times as much vitamin C as oranges, 50% more calcium than spinach and is a plentiful source of anti-oxidants, those disease-fighting molecules credited with helping reduce the risk of everything from cancer to heart disease.

Baobab Fruit Pulp Extract
Baobab Fruit Pulp, Propylene Glycol Ultrasound Extraction 1:1
To maintain the high level of nutrients present in the pulp we immediately work fruits after opening. Only two hours from opening to final packaging.

Packaging: 10-20 Kg 
Preservatives: Parabens: 0.5% 
INCI/CTFA: Phenoxyethanol-Methylparaben-Ethylparaben-Butylparaben- Propylparaben.
Einecs: 2045897-2027857-2043994-2023187-2023077

Shelf Life: 24 Months
Availability: 1500 Kg/Year maximal production
Delivery: Worldwide
Dosage: 0,5-0,4 %
Nutritional Information: Alpha and beta carotenes, calcium, mucilage, rubbers, uronic acid, ramnose, acid glutamic, tannins, vitamin c

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