Thursday, June 25, 2009

Baobab Fruit Company Response

"Certainly I'm no baobab expert (though it does sound like quite a nice job) and I don't pretend to be"

I'm a Baobab Expert, since many years (around 10). I'm the owners of the company you mentioned in your post and the webmaster of the relative website.

You are right. Basically there is no Baobab Regeneration since many years (we collect Baobab Fruits in forests that can reach 1200/1500 years) and we have also started a program of reforesting, planting around 20.000 new young Baobab Plant.

The problem is not the "eating of baobab fruits from man" but the inexistence of animals that eat baobab fruits and expulse seeds after many kilometers in the best conditions for a good grow. One time it was a monkey job, but now, after man's hand. there are no monkeys that do this job (and in many parts of Africa, was elephants that did that).

So, don't be afraid, taste this wonderful fruit. It really helps african villages . And you will feel better. For Sure.



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