Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mojoba Healthy Diet

The Mystical Baobab Tree                        Інтелектуальні харчування

The Healthy Diet
For centuries, people across Africa have enjoyed the baobab fruit's refreshing vitamin-filled diet. Naturally dehydrated, it is credited with medicinal properties, ranging from a cure for fever or diarrhoea to a calcium-rich pick-me-up. The tree normally lives for about 500 years. But it is believed some are up to 5,000 years old and they enjoy the veneration and respect traditionally accorded to age in Africa.

Wild Harvest Pharma's mission is to make a significant impact on the livelihoods of harvesters, women's fair-trade co-operatives and rural communities in Africa in the years to come. You can support Wild Harvest Pharma's ongoing work in Africa by useing our range of organic wild harvested baobab nurtrional products.
Wild Harvest Pharma’s nutraceutical Baobab powder is native to the tropical lands of Africa. The elongated oval shaped baobab fruit (like a potato) has a hard shell covered with soft yellowish-gray fur. The literature is abundant for its traditional use as a food. The most edible and frequently consumed part of this popular African fruit is the inner pulp.

Health Benefits
A woman who has lived with chronic kidney failure for 15 years claims her condition has been dramatically eased by eating a bizarre African "wonder" fruit. MORE.......

Support Wild Harvest
Discover the beauty secret of Wild Harvest Pharma’s Baobab cosmeceutical face mask, a part ofAfrican skin care for centuries. Our innovative Baobab Botanical phyto-chemical organic formula feeds your skin with protective antioxidants, protects from ageing free radicals, andthe renewing strength of pure, wild harvested vitamin enriched African Baobab will leave your skin silky-smooth.MORE.......

Baobab Recipes
Without any doubt, health is the most important asset in our life. Recipes for nutritious baobab energy bars are a great way to ensure that you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Using baobab energy bars bought from the shop are healthy, but using your own recipe will eliminate the addition of any unnecessary fats, sugars, and preservatives. MORE....... 

Wild Harvest Baobab Diet

Everyone knows what's in it for them when they go on a diet. Dull and tasteless foods, lack of energy to do anything, a hungry stomach—the kind that grumbles all the time. But dieting brings about so much benefits for the brief span of discomfort they require. For anyone with a sweet tooth looking to go on a diet there is this alternative called the Mojoba jflush diet. Thinking of dieting? With baobab juice, there's no reason not to. 

Baobab Legends
The Baobabs are full of mystery and wonder in Africa, tales have been brought down verbally from generation to generation. We have tried to compile as much as possible regarding this great tree of life.  MORE.......

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