Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mojoba Iron Inteligente Nutriţie

Mojoba Iron                                 Inteligente Nutriţie

Wild Harvest Pharma’s nutraceutical Mojoba contains appreciable quantities of other essential vitamins, such as thiamine (vitamin B1) and riboflavin (vitamin B2), essential for optimal development of the organism and for maintaining cellular integrity of the nerves, skin and ocular epithelia, and niacin (vitamin PP or B3), important to regulate many metabolic functions. Furthermore, the fruit contributes to the injection of some essential minerals and essential fatty acids. 
Iron is a trace mineral that is essential for our health. Forming a part of the red pigment called hemoglobin in the blood, it gives blood the dark red color and helps transport oxygen to our cells. Apart from that, iron is also important for muscle protein and traces of it can be found in liver, spleen, bone marrow and in our muscles.

Wild Harvest Baobab fruit powder is a rich source of iron containing 4.9mg/100g – more than many other foods traditionally recommended for their iron content such as red meat, spinach and lentils.

Painful Periods
Iron supplements may help to ease the pain associated with monthly menstruation. You may need to take the supplement daily.

If your doctor believes that your weak body or frequent fatigue are associated with poor iron intake in the diet, your condition can be improved by using iron supplements.

Improve Concentration
Young girls who have poor dietary iron intakes would normally have academic problems because they just cannot concentrate in their classes. Iron supplements have been proven to be beneficial in this scenario.

Treat Anaemia
If you have this health problem, your doctor would normally prescribe you with iron supplements.

Additional iron from supplements would also be beneficial if you drink a lot of tea, are trying to conceive, suffer from brittle, ridged or breakable nail or have repeated infection . 

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