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Wild Harvest Depression Detox Diet

Wild Harvest Depression Detox Diet
Many detox diets simply claim to help depression. However, your best choice may simply be a healthy, varied, low sugar, low fat diet plan.

Research and studies have shown that a major cause of depression is a lack of a balanced diet with the right nutrition. The nutrients imbalance is believed to trigger hormonal imbalances and that would lead to depression. Depression is becoming common with our busy modern life styles and baby boomers in their 30 and 40 are prone to depression and sleep disorders.

Depression can certainly be relieved with the proper supply of nutrients to the body, Mojoba powerful combination of nature rich in phyto-chemicals, antioxidants, vitamins, carbohydrates and dietary fiber. When taken regularly it can help lessen the impact of certain diseases and improve quality of life.
Will A Depression Detox Diet Work?
There’s not much science backing up any specific detox diet for depression. Research surrounding toxins and other unhealthy chemicals in foods proves many are dangerous, ridding your body of these unhealthy toxins can only do you good.
A Depression Based Detox Diet
If you start a detox diet and feel sick, overly tired, or your depression seems worse, you need to quit the diet plan and tell your doctor. A basic healthy diet can help with depression, because a healthy body does in fact deal with emotional issues better.

It’s widely believed by the medical community that a healthy, depression-fighting, general detox-like diet can be achieved by the following:
Drinking 6-10 glasses of water a day
Eating a mix of whole grains, veggies, and fruits
Eliminating refined sugars and extra salt
Eliminating saturated fats
Eliminating all processed foods

The components of this diet plan lead to a healthy body and a natural detoxification combined with a daily intake 5-15g (1-3tsp) 
Mojoba Health Mix 6 times a day blended with water, juice, fresh fruit or soya milk. In addition to the above, it’s smart to get plenty of exercise. While food for depression is controversial, exercise is not. Exercise has been shown time and time again, in numerous studies to ward off depression and even help cure it.
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