Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fortifying "Baobab" Skin Therapy

For Men to combat skin aging
Oil-Free Moisture Treatment
Helps improve skin firmness
Diminishes the look of facial lines
Evens out skin tone
Refreshes & hydrates skin
Not tested on animals

Baobab Tree Extract
bau-bab trE ik-strakt
Sourced from the Baobab tree, this extract is believed to be a superior moisture agent and skin-strengthener. The Baobab tree, indigenous to sub-Saharan Africa and known as the “Tree of Life,” is reputed to live for thousands of years and is notable for its unique vital force and ability to store vast amounts of water in its trunk.

This unique, oil-free moisture treatment addresses some of the most serious signs of men's skin aging - loss of firmness and the depth of facial lines. Our formula is enriched with an unusual, replenishing extract from the Baobab tree, indigenous to sub-Saharan Africa, and known as "The Tree of Life" for its vitality and longevity. With this rare extract, our men's skin therapy is a superior, fortifying moisturizer and skin strengthener which helps boost the elastic quality of the skin.

Apply to a clean face morning and night or as needed.

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