Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Body Shop Launches Baobab Cosmetic

The Body Shop has recently launched a new Baobab cosmetic
Flawless Skin Protecting Concealer

A stylish cream-to-powder concealer enriched with baobab oil, naturally rich in vitamins and moisturising agents to care for your skin and zinc oxide to help combat impurities. The product features a sophisticated delivery system with clear active essence suspended in a special core structure.

Flawless Skin Protecting Foundation SPF25

A highly innovative cream-to powder foundation enriched with baobab oil. It provides a perfect colour blend for an instantly healthy-looking, flawless complexion. Thousands of tiny spheres smooth over your skin giving it an even skin tone and natural appearance. A mineral defence shield complex including botanical moisturisers and vitamins cares for your skin and helps protect it from sun damage. Blends from a soft cream to a radiant velvet powder on contact. Provides medium to full coverage. Available in 6 shades. Dermatologically tested. Non comodogenic.

This product contains:
Baobab Oil - From the 'tree of life' with high levels of vitamins and natural moisturisers. Encourages the regeneration of skin cells, helps improves elasticity and prevents drying, for youthful-looking radiant skin.

Vitamins A, E and F - Including essential fatty acids naturally present in Baobab and Marula Oil. Helps to improve, condition and maintain

Encapsulated Vitamin C - A unique volatile silicone gel network which delivers a large dose of vitamin C to the skin. Vitamin C helps to promote the growth of collagen.

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