Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Baobab Flower Remedy

The signature of the Baobab Flower Remedy is that it will assist in the spiritual transformation in the exciting times we live in at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

The flower is a large, white waxyflower with 5 petals. The flower has a prehistoric feel to it, and is pollinated by fruit bats. The Baobab has 5 petals and 5 leaves, and the number 5 in numerology represents the emotional plane (the heart).
The flower essence relates specifically to the heart and crown chakras, opening our hearts and minds to the higher forces of the Universe.

The essence will help people to see how spiritually we are all ONE on the same journey home, and our journey home is to return to this state of being, oneness with other human beings and nature. The new millennium also marks a time for a new beginning of man and woman, as the consciousness of Oneness continues to expand and
grow across the globe. It is a time where people are increasingly taking responsibility for their own lives, health and the environment rather than relying on governments or other institutions.

The success of this journey will mean an end to all forms of war, oppression and
ecological destruction as our respect for all life becomes central to our way of thinking. The Baobab Flower Essence is a gift from nature to help humanity on this journey. The ascending astrological sign of the Baobab Essence is Aries, which is the start of the zodiac and indicates the start of a new cycle.

The Essence is able to heal wounds from lifetimes in the Age of Pisces as well as the Age of Aries. The Age of Aries started when Moses led the Jews out of bondage, according to the bible. It is also reputed that the Archangel Raphael gave Moses the book of all herbs to heal maladies.

The astrological birthchart of the essence also indicates that it can heal very deep wounds, particularly emotional and spiritual wounds. Chiron (the Wounded Healer Archetype), Vulcan (a hypothetical transneptunian planet who helps to put our dismembered and fragmented bits back together), Pluto (the unconscious and dark side) and the Sun (the heart) are all found in the 9th House of the Chart, the house of long distance travel. In one case the Baobab Essence healed a flesh wound virtually overnight.

The Baobab Essence has been very useful for pain, for example back pain or pain caused by arthritis, again having almost instantaneous results.

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