Friday, January 23, 2009

Vitamin C Rich Exotic Fruit Will Soon Dock in England

An exotic African fruit will soon be available in England. The Baobab fruit, claimed to have six times the vitamin C of an orange, will soon be hitting UK markets under an EU ruling.

Resembling a coconut, the Baobab fruit contains twice as much calcium as milk and also has a very high in anti-oxidants, iron and potassium.

However, the fruit will not be sold as a whole fruit owing to its hard shell, but it will hit the shelves in the form of cereal
bars and smoothies.

Till date, the fruit was barred from UK markets as legislation does not allow the import of food which has not been commonly consumed in the EU before 1997 and all new foods have to be formally approved before they can go on sale.

However, the baobab fruit got this approval after heavy lobbying from PhytoTrade Africa, an organization that promotes fair trade.

"The EU decision is a crucial step to developing the global market which could be worth up to £500 million a year," The Telegraph quoted Gus Le Breton, chief executive of PhytoTrade Africa, as saying.

He added: "Baobab is an ideal ingredient for smoothies and cereal bars, and its well documented nutritional benefits provide manufacturers with a new opportunity to target the booming market in healthy foods.

"Dozens of companies have shown interest in baobab since we submitted the application and many have already conducted initial research. Now that approval has been given, they can progress to full-scale product development."

Since generations, this white powdery pulp has provided health benefits in its native Africa.


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