Thursday, April 23, 2009

How Baobab Fits the European Consumer’s Trends 2

In the medical field, there is also a growing demand for natural healthcare products. According to a long-term study performed by the Allensbacher Institut in Germany, the number of consumers who prefers natural healthcare products has increased from 52% in 1970 to 73% in 2002.

Cosmetic products, which contain ingredients aimed at beauty enhancement and skin health, are called cosmeceuticals. This market segment is reporting strong growth. Due to the ever-increasing age of the population, anti-aging creams are in great demand. Here, the antioxidant effect of baobab can be successfully used.

There is a general trend toward a healthier lifestyle. This is the primary reason that consumers search for organically certified products. In 2004, the market for organically certified products grew in Great Britain and Germany by more than 10% (Biofach, 2005). Ethical reasons are also being considered by a growing section of consumers. Fair trade aspects play an increasingly important role in shopping decisions.

Some consumers prefer organic products, because the production process is more environmentally friendly. In a survey of German healthcare product consumers, a great majority stated they were prepared to pay up to 10% more for products that cater to ecological and social issues (Galizia, Schade, Barsch, 2004).

Due to its nutritional and health claims, baobab fruit is an ideal additive for food drink and cosmetic manufacturers in Europe.

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